It’s Simple: Serve Others!

Who is Glenn? Glenn was a U.S. Marine who served his country. He passed away in 2016 due to complications from his exposure to Agent Orange. He fought until the end. In the true spirit of a soldier, we have decided not to just think of others, we decided to take action.

Thanks for your service is more than just a notion, it’s an action. We choose to serve those that dedicated their lives to serve us. We have secured partnerships with corporations from Little Caesars to local favorites like Superstar BBQ in Chicago, Illinois. All of our partners understand that the goal is to provide for those who serve us. In addition to those who serve, we provide meals for the less fortunate, small grants to those in need, and our personal favorite, gifts and toys to underprivileged kids for Christmas!

It is more blessed to give than to receive, and we are blessed to be able to help others. Join us in our mission as we continue to provide meals for veterans, first responders, frontline workers, and ALWAYS those that are less fortunate. Donate today!

Your Support is Essential